It’s no secret that colors play a big role in any advertising campaign. Different colors invoke different emotions and feelings in your customers and when used correctly can have a strong impact on the effectiveness of your advertising.

As a real estate professional it’s a good idea to understand the meanings behind colours so you can use them in effectively in your visual promotions from websites to newspaper ads.

red lanterns


Red is a very popular color to use in advertising. It’s high energy, powerful, grabs your attention and can even increase your heart rate. Red invokes feelings of passion, vigor, love, speed and is great for creating a sense of urgency.

In Chinese and some Middle Eastern cultures red is associate with luck and good fortune. Red is also the color most associated with anger so be careful to not over do its use.

orange slices


Orange is an invigorating color that invokes feelings of fun and liveliness. It’s another high energy color and often used to show that your business is cutting edge.

Orange is also very attention grabbing and an excellent choice for calls to action.

yellow flowers


This is another excellent color to grab people’s attention. Yellow denotes confidence but is also optimistic and youthful. Yellow is also a very cheerful color so it’s great at showing friendliness.

green plants


Green is the easiest color for your eyes to process. It’s a very relaxing color that’s often associated with the environment, good health, vitality, refreshment, growth and balance.

It’s also used to show that you’re open to communication or social and of course green is also often associated with the wealthy because of the color of money. In many Western cultures the colour green is also associated with luck and green is the official color of Islam. In China however the color green is associated with infidelity.

blue stairs


Blue invokes feelings of trust, security and knowledge and is a fantastic color for real estate agents or brokers trying to establish trust with new clients. You often see financial institutions like banks use blue colors in their advertising as well.

In addition, the color blue also communicates tranquility and relaxation and in many Eastern cultures also is the color of immortality.

purple flowers


Purple is another calming color that’s usually associated with royalty as well as wisdom, authority and even spirituality. This is another fantastic color to use when you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert or professional.

white leaves


White is used to show purity, cleanliness, virtue or peace. One thing to note though is that in many Asian cultures white is associated with death and is the color worn at funerals. If you plan on doing a lot of marketing to Chinese, Japanese or other Asian cultures it might be best to avoid using this color.

black stones


Black is a powerful, sleek, formal and glamorous color. It’s often used to advertise luxury products and combines great with purple and gold colors when advertising high-end products. Black can also connotes ideas like secrecy and exclusivity.

Black can also be combined with pretty much any other color to add an element of drama.

gold strings


Gold is elegant and prestigious. It’s a more royal color than purple and as mentioned before combines excellently with gold and black when advertising luxury products.

pink umbrellas


Pink is a soft, nurturing, warm and friendly color. It’s romantic and feminine which is why it’s often used to market to women and young girls.

brown leaves


Finally brown is another comforting color but it also invokes feelings of seriousness, reliability, toughness or earthiness.