Web Design Projects

Newer projects are first. Please note that my clients (or myself) will often make changes and updates to their sites so the current live version of these websites may not match 100% what you see here, especially for older projects

Dr. Tania Dempsey
Living From Inspiration
Dr. Lara Zakaria
The Spring Center
Dr. Kelly McCann website
Nexus of Hope Website
Flora Fauna Wellness
Bucks County Center for Functional Medicine
Re-Root Nutrition
Root Cause Dermatology
Eastern Healing Centre Website Screenshot
Acupuncture College of Manitoba
DC Home Doctor
Naturalmins website
Women and Lyme Website
Brie Wieselman Website Screenshot
PetPeps website screenshot
Daffnee Cohen Website Screenshot
Dr. Lindsey Wells ND Website Screenshots
AthlEATS Nutrition website screenshot
Ashe CrossFit website screenshot
Glowgirl Skincare Website Screenshot
Dr. Jaquel ND's Website screenshot
Vaughan Vitality website screenshot
AAEM website screenshot
Elevation Health
The M Wellness Center website screenshot
Jason Bosley-Smith's website
The Brain Treatment Centre of Alberta website screenshot
Quell website screenshot
Antoinette Liviola website screenshot
Cultural Health Solutions website screenshot
Skinterrupt website screenshot
Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance website screenshot
Dr. Devin Miles website screenshot
MeowMeix website screenshot
Dr. Jessica Samaroo website screenshot
Dr. David Brady website screenshot
Autism Map website screenshot
ANNP website screenshot

Graphic Design & Miscellaneous Projects

I also do lots of other graphic design or online marketing type work that isn't necessary web design related. You'll find examples of these kinds of projects here

Origami Letter mobile app
Brain Food for the Whole Family book
ANNP Bottles
Elevation Health Brochure
Social Media Graphics
Rebel Pizza menu boards
GCOC summer flyers
Clear Head brochures
CNAP syllabus

Personal Websites & Projects

I also have several of my own websites and projects that I work on when I'm not doing work for clients. You can find more information about some of these here

Japanese Emoticons website screenshot
Interior Idea website screenshot
Realty Digital Marketing website screenshot
United We Strand Website Screenshot
Super Star Reviews

Fractal Art

From time to time I like to fool around with fractal art. Fun fact, in my first ever job interview at Subway when I was a teenager I was asked "If I could be any shape what would I be?" I said "Fractal" and then had to explain that to the manager who didn't know what a fractal was. I didn't get that job.

Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detail view
Fractal art detail view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detailed view
Fractal art detail view

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