My name is Peter Saydak and this is my site where I teach what I?ve learned about marketing, making a website, running an online business and whatever other things I’ve learned that might be interesting and helpful.

Peter Saydak and a Cheetah

About Me and About this Website

That?s me on the left there with a friend I made when I was in Zambia not too long ago.?I love travel and I?m very fortunate to be able to work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop and Internet access.

I studied marketing in university which actually wasn?t that useful. I ended up teaching myself much more useful skills like web design, search engine optimization, search engine advertising, social media marketing, copy writing and more from websites and books.

I used these skills to start a side business in my spare time where I made passive income from several websites and a few?mobile apps. I also did some freelance web design and marketing work. After a few years with?lots of failures and mistakes I was making a pretty decent side income.

I?ve talked to lots of people who tell me things like they?d love to start a business but they don?t know how to set up a website or do any sort of marketing.

Every time someone tells me this I tell them how it?s much easier than they think now and there are all kinds of tools and resources to help, many of which are completely free or very inexpensive.

I built this website to teach people what I?ve learned about entrepreneurship and marketing. My goal is to help as many people as possible start their own side business or website and avoid some of the mistakes I made.

4 Hour Workweek, Choose Yourself and the $100 Startup

I Recommend You Read these Books First

The 4 Hour Workweek?completely changed how I thought of work and life and was what originally encouraged me to try to start my own side business. There is a lot you can learn from this book.

Choose Yourself will help motivate you and you’ll realize that you don’t need to wait for someone to give you an opportunity to get started.

Finally The $100 Startup will help you get your business started with strategies and case studies. Plus it’ll?show you how you can get started today?even if you don’t have?more than $100 to invest.

And Start with these Posts

If you’re just starting with your own business and this is your first time on this website then I recommend you check out these posts first.

How to Make a Website

How to Create a Brand New Website in Minutes Even if You Have No Idea What You?re Doing

No matter what kind of business you want to set up you’re going to need a website for it. This post walks you through how to set up web hosting, register a domain and install a fantastic content management system called WordPress to manage your site. Plus?setting all this up will only cost you a few bucks a month!

Welcome to WordPress

Welcome to WordPress, Here?s How Everything Works

Once you set up your hosting, domain and install WordPress it’s time to start posting or building your site. This post will walk you through all the sections of the WordPress dashboard and explain everything you need to know to create an awesome website with WordPress.

How You Have to Change Your Writing Style for the Internet

How You Have to Change Your Writing Style for the Internet

This is a quick post but it’s still pretty important.?When you wrote papers and essays back in high school or university you used a certain style of writing that does not work on the Internet. This post will teach you how to adjust your writing style for maximum engagement with your readers.

My Latest Blog Posts

These are the most recent posts from my blog?and they’ll give you a good idea of what this site is all about.

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How to Build a Website

How You Have to Change Your Writing Style for the Internet

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