There are a lot of people out there with blogs teaching things about online marketing, making money on the Internet, entrepreneurship, success and stuff like that.

I never really realized quite how many different websites, blogs and businesses were out there until I started getting more involved on Instagram.

Based on how I would tag my photos I’d get lots of favourites from people with their own blogs about these topics. After a while I started to notice that they all had similar buzzwords in their names.

I saw the same buzzwords repeated over and over in different configurations from a ton of different people and I started to think it was kind of funny.

Now I am notoriously bad at naming things like websites which is why I decided to go with my name for the domain of this site. I thought about a name for weeks but couldn’t come up with anything I liked.

If you’re in the same boat then this infographic should help you a lot!

When I say that I’m not being entirely serious but when you determine your new company name based on the chart in the below infographic it should give you a few laughs at least.

When I was testing out different name combinations I’m sure I came up with some that I’ve actually seen out there on the Internet so who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like.

The instructions are easy, simply take the first letter of your first, middle and last names, match them to the chart and combine the 3 words you get in that order to come up with your new online marketing/make money on the Internet company name.

My initials are P.A.S. so my name ends up being Virtual Blogging Coach which doesn’t sound too bad.

I tried some of my friends’ names and got Billionaire Internet MasteryBlack Belt Blogging-preneurModern Branding Blueprint and my favourite, Wealthy Wealth Coach.

If you come up with some great company names please share them in the comments below.

Website name infographic