WordPress is a fantastic content management system that you can use to build websites and I use it for every website I build.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s so awesome and you should use it to build your website.


1) WordPress is free and open source

WordPress as a content management system is free and open source. Not only does this mean it’ll save you on costs but because it’s open source there’s a huge community of developers and coders who are constantly working to make improvements and add in new features.

If there’s some kind of functionality you need for your specific site chances are pretty good that someone has created a plugin with this functionality. If not then it’s very easy to find a developer who can help you create what you need.

With open source software and a huge number of people working on it regularly you get improved quality, customizability, freedom and flexibility that you otherwise wouldn’t get with a non-open source content management system (CMS).


2) WordPress is Mobile Friendly

WordPress is mobile friendly out of the box which is huge considering how many users now browse the Internet using smartphones and tablets. Google has also gone on record as saying that if your site isn’t mobile friendly this could hurt your search engine optimization and your rankings on Google.


3) WordPress is Mature

The software is over 10 years old and over that time it has matured greatly. I’d an incredibly solid well built CMS that has evolved greatly over this time to become a top of the line web publishing system.

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4) WordPress Can Be Used on Almost Every Web Host and Server

It can be installed on pretty much any web server. This means that if you ever need to change web hosts or servers web hosting companies can’t hold your website hostage.

If a company builds your website using their own special content management system or software then you’re stuck with them. If you’re unhappy with their service your website can’t be moved to a new web host and you’ll have to build a new website from scratch.

A WordPress website can easily be moved from one server to another.


5) WordPress is SEO Friendly

Google absolutely loves WordPress and it is designed to make your site as optimized as possible. The logical site architecture that WordPress uses makes it incredibly easy for search engines to index your website.

WordPress is text-based and search engines love text-based websites. Search engine spiders can easily read text but on more complex websites with lost of images and multimedia content search engines have a harder time reading the content on the page.


6) WordPress has an Incredible Reputation

WordPress is used by many Fortune 100 companies to host their websites and is even used by giant websites such as time.com, Forbes, CNN, Mashable and TechCrunch!


7) WordPress Offers a Huge Amount of Customization Options

Because WordPress is open source it can be customized to do anything you need. People have developed millions of plugins and themes to give your website pretty much any kind of functionality you could ever need.


8) WordPress is Incredibly Secure

WordPress takes security very seriously and is constantly releasing new security updates to help prevent attacks. Because of the large number of people working to keep WordPress secure it’s definitely one of the most secure content management systems in the world.

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9) WordPress Makes it Very Easy to Update or Redesign Your Site

With WordPress it’s very simple to to make changes and updates to the pages on your site. If you ever need to update pricing, post new specials, make blog posts, etc. you can do so very easily.

WordPress also keeps all your content separate from the design so if you ever decide to re-design your website you can do so without having to build a new website completely from scratch.


10) WordPress is Constantly Improving

WordPress is constantly improving and adding new features. Not only that but other developers are constantly making new plugins and themes.

If you make a website with WordPress it’s only going to get better over time.